Kannelmäen Voimistelijat ry

Kannelmäen Voimistelijat association is a gymnastics club in Kaarela, Helsinki. The association’s area of ​​operation is Kannelmäki, Maununneva, Hakuninmaa, Kuninkaantammi and Malminkartano. Kannelmäen Voimistelijat was founded in 1967 and in more than 50 years, we have offered a variety of sports classes for girls, boys, women and men. 

Our association is involved in the “Tähtiseura” quality program. “Tähtiseura” is the Olympic Committee’s new quality program for sports clubs, which supports activities in Finnish sports. We are also a member of Finnish Gymnastics Federation. 

Kannelmäen Voimistelijat offers versatile group exercise for adults, gymnastics and dance for children, and family gymnastic exercises for families with children. 

Available groups and timetables can be found here for adults, children and families. 

No preliminary experience is required. 

Autumn season is 2.9.-15.12.2024. Enrollment for courses commences on 19.8.2024. 

Contact our office and we will tell you more about us and help you register for our courses. We serve in Finnish and English.


050 505 1578